Learn German with FlashSticks

EDIT: The Post-it notes have sadly been discontinued. Maybe you can still find some secondhand.

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you.

Last weekend I went to the Language Show  to attend some seminars, meet other language teachers and to find out about any new resources. One new item that caught my eye was FlashSticks

FlashSticks combine the old fashioned way of learning by having a new word on a Post-it note with the new way of learning by using a smartphone app. I bought the ‘Level 1: Beginner’ pack of 200 Post-it notes with words for beginners. The notes are in four colours, for masculine, feminine and neuter nouns and for other words, like verbs or adjectives. Each Post-it note includes the German word, phonetic pronunciation and English translation. Then there is the option of installing the smartphone app, which allows you to hover your phone over the note to receive a pronunciation video.

Currently only available for beginners but I’ve been told the intermediate level will be out soon, followed by an advanced and expert level. I am most intrigued to see how they will use Post-it notes for advanced and expert level!

If this intrigues you, too, they are currently available at amazon, WHSmith, Staples, YPO and their own website.

They are also available in other languages, but we won’t talk about them  😆

And finally their WARNING on the back of the pack:

Flashsticks may create a sudden urge to speak German. Please use responsibly!

What do you think? Do you think they could be useful?  I like them!

FlashSticks German Beginner Post-it Notes (100 words)

13 thoughts on “Learn German with FlashSticks”

  1. Seems like an excellent idea, Angelika. It’s encouraging to see so many new ways of helping people learn languages – the more the merrier, especially as numerous native English speakers (especially Brits) find learning a new language quite a challenge.

    • The biggest problem language learners have is finding ways how to revise stuff during the week as it’s pretty boring to go through the pages they have learnt in their lesson. With all those resources available nowadays, they shouldn’t have any more problems. There is bound to be something for everybody for revision … even for those who do find it a challenge!

  2. How cool…been thinking about brushing up on some language skills and this looks like a fun way to do it… thanks for sharing!


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