51 things I learned this year


A few weeks ago some friends wrote blog posts about 51 things they learned this year.

 I liked the idea, so here are mine:

  1. Having the best son and daughter living abroad is not always fun.
  2. Skype lets me keep in contact with them but also allows me to teach students as far as Russia or the other side if Swindon, and even Crawley 😉 
  3. I  have done some very interesting translations this year.
  4. I now know everything (well, not quite)about wire mesh fencing 😉
  5. … and infrared heaters
  6. … and water conditioners
  7. … and contact lenses
  8. … and recycling in Italy
  9. … and old illegible German handwriting
  10. But I need to brush up a bit on German and English bird and plant names if I need to simultaneously interpret about Wiltshire Wildlife again
  11. Twitter is still good for getting work
  12. Knowing the right people on- and offline is good for getting work!
  13. Writing blog posts is good for getting work.
  14. I enjoy writing blog posts (big surprise)
  15. More people comment on posts I have written on other blogs than on my own (but I’m working on that)
  16. I love teaching children!
  17. I love teaching adults (they behave – usually ;-))
  18. Secondary school students are ok on a one-to-one basis
  19. I’ve got fantastic students.
  20. Wiltshire College’s decision to make me and other language teachers redundant is their loss, not mine!
  21.  It is good to have the courage to try some new things.
  22.  My first flash mob was lacking the mob, but my next one will be huge!
  23. I love teaching German with songs and there will be more!
  24. Working on the allotment is a good way to relax from translations or teaching.
  25. But being on the allotment when it’s raining or very windy, isn’t.
  26. My chickens don’t lay many eggs any more but still need feeding.
  27. Having a lodger who is training to be a chef doesn’t mean you get great meals cooked for you but can mean a messy kitchen.
  28. When you meet online friends for the first time for real, you’ll find them as nice as you thought they would be!
  29. Google hangouts are fun!
  30. Going to a business exhibition with a raging toothache is a bad idea.
  31. Going to a birthday party with a raging toothache is even worse.
  32. Singing out loud in the car despite having a sore throat and nasty cough is just as stupid.
  33. Driving on long winding, lonely roads in the dark isn’t fun
  34.  It’s great going to the pub and meeting somebody who wants German lessons.
  35. It’s great to receive a phone call from somebody trying to get you onto page one on google, only to tell them, you’re already there!
  36. I learned a lot from Nikki Pilkington’s Blog Challenge
  37. I had a great time being on the radio. 
  38. Going to a networking event and winning a huge hamper is brilliant!
  39. Putting a sticker on the back of your car about your business gets you noticed.
  40. Climbing UP St Mary’s Church tower in Devizes is fun,
  41. … but coming DOWN isn’t.
  42. The Danube is a great river.
  43. But the Kennet and Avon Canal with its 13 locks near Devizes is just as great.
  44. I still can’t bake,
  45. … but my cooking skills are improving.
  46.  Dave Brookside is the best wrestler in the world 😉
  47. I’ve got some fantastic students – well worth mentioning twice 🙂
  48.  I love my smart phone, he he.
  49. Apparently I am an oxymoron (because I am German and have a sense of humour)
  50. I love my job!
  51. And finally: the Fenton video on Youtube is still stupid 😉
Have I missed anything important?

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