How to plan your German learning with Trello

Do you use Trello? Maybe for work or planning your shopping, or maybe you haven’t heard of it? ...


32 ways to learn faster – an infographic

In one of the latest eLearning  newsletters I found the following infographic. It has 32 tips for learning ...


Language study habits – an infographic

This infographic arrived in my inbox a few days ago and I found it interesting to see how ...


How to find a pen friend to improve your German

Today’s blog post is not for those who like practising their German with online activities or games but ...


What type of learner are you? An Infographic

As adult learners we sometimes find it hard to keep up with a group of other learners because ...


How to use Quora to improve your German

Quora is a great site for German learners. If you’re not familiar with it, let me briefly explain. ...


5 tips for learning German on Twitter

Are you on Twitter? If yes, do you use it for learning German? I read the other  day ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - mosalingua

Learn German with Mosalingua – a review

Have you heard of Mosalingua? Have you used it to learn German?I had heard of it but have ...


A German learner’s story

For today’s blog post I’m pleased to introduce you to one of my newsletter subscribers, Kirsty Major of English ...


How To Learn Any Language In Record Time

This elearning infographic founds its way into my inbox a while ago. Although I don’t necessarily agree with ...


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