Holidays in Germany

How to take a virtual trip around Berlin

titularly Today’s blog post is very short as you won’t want to stay here long (I allow it for ...


How to plan a virtual vacation in Germany

buy cheap prednisone Planning a holday has become more complicated these days. Airlines are offering fewer flights. Schools are unable to ...


10 German museums you can visit virtually

Marienthal It’s disappointing when a trip to Germany doesn’t happen, whether it’s because of the Coronavirus or any other ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - vision board

Achieve your German learning goals faster and easier with a vision board

EDIT: I prepared this post a while ago before the corona virus decided to turn our lives upside ...


Outdoor fitness equipment you might find in Germany

Last year when we were in Germany during those really hot days in July (over 40°C) we went for ...


Smoking – or not – in Germany

Whether you are a smoker or not, it’s good to know where people can/ cannot smoke in Germany. ...


How much German should I learn before my visit?

“How much German should I learn before I visit Germany?” This is a question I get frequently asked ...


7+ dog signs you can see in Germany

Although I don’t have a dog, I decided on my last visit to Germany, to look out for ...


Ordering coffee in Germany

One of the first things you usually learn as a beginner is how to order a coffee in ...


Wo ist …? Asking for places in German

Despite the fact that so many people have smartphones and only ask Google for directions, I think it’s ...


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