How to take a virtual trip around Berlin

Today’s blog post is very short as you won’t want to stay here long (I allow it for once ☺) Today’s blog post is for those who’d love to go to Germany but can’t. Let me tell you about Virtual Vacation. This website has virtual walking, driving and flying tours for lots of cities, including … Read more

How to plan a virtual vacation in Germany

EDIT: I wrote this post during lockdown in 2020. Luckily, things have improved and people travel again. But there could be lots of other reasons why you may not be able to visit Germany. So, if you would love to visit Germany but can’t, this post is for you! Planning a holiday has become more … Read more

10 German museums you can visit virtually

It’s disappointing when a trip to Germany doesn’t happen, whether it’s because of the Coronavirus or any other reason. But you can still look around German museums. It’s obviously not the same as being there in person, but at least these visits are free. Here are 10 mueums in Germany, where you can take a … Read more

Achieve your German learning goals faster and easier with a vision board

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - vision board

You’ve probably heard of vision boards, but you’ve probably never made or used one. A vision board is essentially a large poster that you construct to help you achieve your goals. It contains pictures that represent your goals. For example, if you dream of climbing Mount Everest, you might include photos of the mountain, your … Read more

Outdoor fitness equipment you might find in Germany

Last year, when we were in Germany during those really hot days in July (over 40°C), we went for a walk in a forest because it was pleasantly cool. As we came out of the forest we came across an outdoor gym. We would have loved to try them out, but as it was midday and … Read more

Smoking – or not – in Germany

Whether you are a smoker or not, it’s good to know where people can/ cannot smoke in Germany. Unlike in the UK, where there is a general smoking ban in all enclosed work places, the law is slightly different in Germany. Generally, yes, there is a smoking ban, but what exactly that is depends on … Read more

How much German should I learn before my visit?

“How much German should I learn before I visit Germany?” This is a question I get frequently asked and my initial thought always is “How long is a piece of string?” If I had to answer with one sentence, I would say ‘as much as possible’, whereas others would say ‘You don’t need any German, … Read more

Ordering coffee in Germany

One of the first things you usually learn as a beginner is how to order a coffee in Germany. You learn that a cup of coffee is ‘eine Tasse Kaffee’: And a pot of coffee is ‘ein Kännchen Kaffee’: So, I was really surprised when during our holidays in Germany I spotted this: Two thoughts … Read more

Wo ist …? Asking for places in German

Despite the fact that so many people have smartphones and only ask Google for directions, I think it’s still nice to talk to real people (and not everybody has got a smartphone), so lets look at how to ask for places. This is a sample lesson from my online course “Beginners’ German for busy people” a … Read more

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