Would you like to bake some German bread?

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On my last trip to Germany I saw all these nice breads and just had to take pictures of them:

Don’t they make you feel hungry?  If only they were available everywhere! So, this is another blog pots which I’m writing just as much for myself as for you – a collection of links and videos to German bread  recipes!

And some YouTube videos:

I think it’s time to get out my baking tins again or my bread maker!

Have you baked any German bread before? Do you have a favourite recipe?
Please share it!

And if you want to use a journal to keep hold of all your recipes, you might like to use mine 😉

Recipe Journal For German Learners: Blank recipe book for 50 German recipes with space for vocab or whole sentence translations

Or, if you prefer something digital instead of pen and paper, you can buy my Trello board

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