German actors: Willy Millowitsch

German actors: Willy Millowitsch

German stage and TV actor Willy Millowitsch was born on the 8th January 1909. He had his own theatre, the Volkstheater Millowitsch in Cologne (now in the hands of his son Peter). For non Germans he was probably most known for his part in ‘National Lampoon’s European Vacation’ (German title ‘Hilfe, die Amis kommen’), but for Germans he is also well known for some of his songs. He died on the  20th September 1999.

There are lots of videos on YouTube, for example in this Playlist: All Tracks – Willy Millowitsch

Two of his songs, the first one particularly, are popular beer festival songs.

Some of his quotes are also worth sharing, like the following two:

Civil servants should be allowed to sleep – otherwise they circulate documents.
Appetite comes with food, but more often with fasting.

Have you ever watched a film with him or heard one of his songs?

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