Keep fit or learn German? Why not do both?

In  autumn lots of people think they would like to do some evening classes, get fit again, join the gym or learn something new, maybe a new language, maybe German. So they look around to see what’s available and then find they can’t decide:

What shall I do, keep fit or learn German?

Why not combine the two? I have searched high and low for you, so that all yo have to do, is click on the videos, do the actions and read the words. In no time you’ll be fit and slim and fluent in German! Ok, I made that up, but you’ll have fun – I hope – getting fit and learning at least  some German!

Just one warning, though, some of the tunes are … well …. how do I put it ………well, they could become earworms … see for yourself:

Once you know all the names of the body parts, you can join in this song:

Maybe this one appeals to you more?

Or this one?

No? Ok, how about the Hokey Cokey in German?

I guess, you’d prefer this version (even if the German isn’t quite correct)?

Well, did you move to the music? Are you fitter already? Did you learn some German?

Yes? Yay!
No? Maybe you need to listen to the songs again  😉

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