How a German singer can inspire to learn German

  I always find it interesting to hear what inspires students to learn German. This weeks blog post is from a student, who wishes to remain anonymous, but has complained to me that whenever there is a blog post about the ‘Top 10 German singers’, the sites never mention Sandra. As I only remember Sandra as … Read more

German videos for Easter

I was looking for something on YouTube today and a few hours later I’ve got nice German videos for Easter, but not what I was looking for in the first place  😀 Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Anyway, if you’d like to waste spend some time  watching, listening, singing, here they are: Please don’t blame me … Read more

Keep fit or learn German? Why not do both?

In  autumn lots of people think they would like to do some evening classes, get fit again, join the gym or learn something new, maybe a new language, maybe German. So they look around to see what’s available and then find they can’t decide: What shall I do, keep fit or learn German? Why not … Read more

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