How to plan your German learning with Trello How to plan your German learning with Trello

Molepolole Do you use Trello? Maybe for work or planning your shopping, or maybe you haven’t heard of it?

buy modafinil uk reddit Trello is a task management app. It looks like a board filled with post-it notes, sorted according to tasks. Most boards have three lists: To-Do, Doing and Done (although you can change that and rename them or add to them). As you start and then complete tasks you move the cards along.  Trello syncs with your mobile phone app which makes it perfect if you think of something while on the move. And it’s free (unless you’re a large company who wants all team members to work together)!

You could have  a ‘German practice’ board  where you can plan your monthly learning at the beginning of the month. As you work your way through the things you had planned you can move the cards along the different lists. A bit like this:

But as you can have as many boards as  you like, why not prepare one for different topics. EDIT 2021: if you only use the free version you can now only have 10 boards. For unlimited usage you will have to pay.

For example, one of the cards on my board says ‘present tense conjugation’. For that you could have a second board where you write down the verbs you want to practise conjugating.

As an example, you can make a To-Do list with the types of verbs you want to learn, then add verbs to each category.
The second list is for the actual verbs you start learning. take one from your to-do list and conjugate it.

Then, once you have practised the verb and you are okay with it, move it to the revisit list for another practice later. Or move it to the ‘Make sentences’ where you could put your conjugated verbs into sentences.

These are just some ideas how you could use Trello. You could also make boards just for videos you want to watch or books, articles or websites to read, or even for any German homework you might need to do ☺

Here are two sample boards which language learners have shared.  You can’t edit them but you can click on the cards to see what they’ve done. Just click on the links below the screen shots to get some ideas how to use Trello for your own learning.

 Learn a language

Extended learning for English language learners

Has this given you some ideas?
How would you use Trello for your German learning?

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