Famous Germans

10 Martin Luther quotes in German and English

This month Germany is celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s reformation. Reformation Day is on the 31st ...


German writers: Joachim Ringelnatz

The author and painter Joachim Ringelnatz was born on the 7th August 1883 in Wurzen in Saxony. His ...


How a German singer can inspire to learn German

  I always find it interesting to hear what inspires students to learn German. This weeks blog post ...


German composers: Johann Sebastian Bach

When it comes to classical composers, most people have heard of Johann Sebastian Bach, and as he was ...


German actors: Heinz Rühmann

Heinz Rühmann Heinz Rühmann is one of my favourite German actors and as it would have been his ...


German writers: Karl May

Winnetou, Old Shatterhand, Intschu-tschuna, Nscho-tschi, Kara Ben Nemsi, Hadschi Halef Omar – these are probably not words which you would associate ...


Learn more about Germany’s history with Zeitklicks

A while ago I posted about a website which lets you read a lot about Beethoven. Here is ...


Loriot – still one of Germany’s best comedians!

Bernhard-Victor Christoph-Carl von Bülow would have celebrated his 90th birthday today. He was born on the 12th November 1923 ...


How Beethoven can help you improve your German

I came across this lovely website the other day, the Beethoven Haus für Kinder .  It is originally aimed at ...


Martin Luther and the Reformation Day

Last year I wrote about Halloween and how we didn’t celebrate it in Germany as, at the time, ...


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