German painters: Caspar David Friedrich

I can’t paint! My drawings have never gone past the matchstick men stage. So I do what I do better, I take pictures, especially landscape pictures. I love taking photos of the glorous countryside in Wiltshire and, of course, I love paintings that look like photos.

And this leads me to today’s post about Caspar David Friedrich, who was born on the 5th September 1774 in Greifenwald (which then belonged to Swedish Pomerania, but is now Germany) and who died on the 7th March 1840 in Dresden.

Caspar David Friedrich was a 19th-century German Romantic landscape painter. You can read more about him on Wikipedia in English or in German.

But you really need to see his stunning paintings!

And this website has all of them. It’s in English, so you won’t learn any German but you can enjoy – as I have – those wonderful paintings.

Caspar David Friedrich THE COMPLETE WORKS

But for those who want to improve their German, I have also found some videos, all aimed at German children, so a little easier to understand than a full-blown documentary.

Have you seen any of his paintings before?Which is your favourite?

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