German Idioms and Tongue Twisters with the letter M

Following on from last month’s blog post about German Idioms and Tongue Twisters with the letter L, here are those with the letter M:

hinter dem Mond leben
to have been living under a rock

ein Morgenmuffel sein
to be grumpy in the mornings (Also see my blog post Are you a ‘Muffel’?)

Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund.
The early bird catches the worm.

Mir fällt ein Stein vom Herzen.
That’s a weight off my mind.

Das ist doch zum Mäusemelken!
It’s like getting blood out of a stone!

Das is Marke-Eigenbau
I made it myself

And some extra idioms that are not in the video:

mausetot sein
To be dead as a doornail

sich den Mund verbrennen
to put one’s foot in one’s mouth

Aus die Maus!
Game over!

Morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute, sagen alle faulen Leute.
Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Now it’s your turn to try this tongue twister. How fast can you say it?

Hat die Maus die Mandeln und das Marzipan gemaust?

If you wish, you can watch the video and see how Steven copes with pronouncing the idioms and working out what they mean.

Or you can listen to it on Spotify

Alternatively, you can think of ways to use these idioms in your German speaking or writing.

Do you know any German idioms with the letter M that I could have added to this list? And which idiom is your favourite?

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