6 German signs for child safety

6 German signs for child safety

The following six signs caught my eye on my last visit to Germany. There are many more similar signs, but I thought I’d tell you about these six.

6 German signs for child safety

This sign warns any drivers that children may be on the road. You’ll find these near schools or nursery schools where children might cross, or in areas where there are lots of children, who might not always pay attention.

This is another warning sign you might see near schools and nursery schools. Expect children to cross the road to get to school.

This sign tells you that this is a minor road where children are allowed to play on the road and you need to drive at a walking speed.

Minor roads which aren’t official play roads can still have children playing, so parents might put up these 3D pop-up signs to warn drivers of playing children.

This sign informs who is allowed to use this playground and  when and how. This playground is for children under 14 years old. They can play there between the hours of 8 – 12 and 14 – 20. So, on this playground they are not allowed to play between 12 and 2PM, when things are supposed to be quiet. Very important: if the child travels by bike, it has to take off the helmet before using any equipment. There have been incidents in Germany, where children got badly injured or even killed because they climbed frames still wearing their helmets and the straps got tangled in the bars strangling the children.

This is a different sign. You’ll find signs like this on building signs. It gives you the name and contact details of the company who is doing the building work. But the important message is in big letters “Betreten der Baustelle verboten!” (Do not enter the building site!) and , equally important “Eltern haften für ihre Kinder!” (Parents are liable for their children!)

Have you seen any interesting child safety signs in Germany?

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