Learn German for 365 days – a challenge

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Last year lots of you completed a 30 day challenge of learning German. This year I’d like to invite you to a 365 day challenge! I am challenging you to learn some German for at least 5 minutes every day this year. If you can spend more than 5 minutes a day, that’s perfect, but if you only have 5 minutes, then that’s okay too.

Use any resources you like and have, or check out any of the free online resources I have written about so far.

Just think, if you spend 5 minutes or more every day, how much better you will feel on the 31st December. Are you in? If you are, let me know and I will ask again at the end of December how you got on. Then we’ll think of a way to celebrate your achievement.

To entice you even more, here is one of the videos from my German future tense online course. It will give you some ideas of how to make your intentions. Maybe you will write them publicly as a comment below, or send out the tweet. Who is brave enough?

If you want to see those sentences again in your own time (to make your own notes) use the slide show below.

I will learn at least 5 minutes of German every day this year! Share on X

And if you need any help keeping track of your learning, maybe my journal can help:

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