German dialects – a game

German dialects - a game

EDIT 2020: Sadly, the game has gone from their site and it looks like it won’t return, sorry.

During the last nine months I wrote blog posts about 9 different German dialects. I hope you enjoyed them, because now it’s your turn.

I found this wonderful German, Austrian and Swiss dialect card on which I was allowed to embed on my blog (If you can’t play it on my site, go directly to their site and play it here) and which lets you play with some dialects. Click on ‘Entdecken’ and you can then click on various points to hear a German sentence said in the dialect of that area. If you want to guess a dialect, click on ‘Spielen’. You then hear a sentence and see four options to click. Where, do you think, does that dialect come from?
If you’d like to read my posts again about those dialects I covered, here they are again:

German dialects – Hamburgerisch and Ostfriesisch
German dialects – das Grafschafter Platt
German dialects – Mecklenburgisch
German dialects – Pfälzisch
German dialects – Sächsisch
German dialects – Berlinerisch
German dialects – Schwäbisch
German dialects – Fränkisch
German dialects – Bayerisch

Or, for a bit of fun, watch this weather forecast ☺

2 thoughts on “German dialects – a game”

  1. German dialects are aweful. German dialects Living in Baden (a part from the Bundesland Baden-Würtemberg) all I can understand is Badisch and Hochdeutsch. It would be enough to travel 50 km northwards and I couldn’t understand a word of schwäbisch. 50 km eastwards i’d have to understand Bayrisch which is even worse and 50 km southwards I’d have to understand swiss-german whih is the living hell (impossible to understand).

    • Hi Gio! This is a problem all foreigners have when they move to a new country – any country. As a native German speaker I don’t understand a lot of those German dialects just as I don’t understand many English dialects, despite having lived in the UK for over 30. Those are the joys of languages ☺


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