German actors: Heinz Rühmann

German actors: Heinz Rühmann

Heinz Rühmann

Heinz Rühmann is one of my favourite German actors and as it would have been his birthday today I thought I would be a good idea to tell you a bit about him.

Heinz Rühmann was born on the 7th March 1902 in Essen, Germany. He became famous in the 1930 musical Die Drei von der Tankstelle (The three from the Filling Station). The complete film has disappeared from YouTube, but the famous song from the film was there:

Or the 1956 film Der Hauptmann von Köpenick

And many other films which can be found on Youtube.

He died on the 4th October 1994.

I’ll leave you with one song which always gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it, partially because Heinz Rühmann reminds me of my grandfather.

Have a look, this is my grandfather Rudolf Varwig

Rudolf Varwig

And here is the song LA LE LU:

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