25 positive affirmations for German learners

25 positive affirmations for German learners

Do you use affirmations? You probably have a lot of negative thoughts when it comes to learning German, like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’ll never understand German grammar!’, ‘I’m useless at learning a foreign language’. Do they sound familiar?

Instead, why don’t we change it around and make some positive affirmations for your German learning?

Here are 25 affirmations to tell your mind that your German learning is successful.

  1. I can learn German quickly and easily.
  2. I have an amazing ability to learn new words and grammar rules.
  3. My strength is that I am good at doing listening exercises.
  4. I will learn German!
  5. My German learning journey is fantastic.
  6. I am learning the skills I need to become a better German speaker.
  7. My German vocabulary is growing quickly.
  8. My mind is like a sponge. I learn new grammar information quickly and retain that information extremely well.
  9. I find clever ways to practise my German.
  10. My German is getting better every day.
  11. My confidence to speak German is growing.
  12. Today, I am learning exciting new things.
  13. I am increasing my reading skills today.
  14. I am increasing my writing skills today.
  15. I am increasing my listening skills today.
  16. I am increasing my speaking skills today.
  17. I am becoming a more capable and successful German speaker.
  18. I love reading short German stories.
  19. I love watching German videos.
  20. I love listening to German songs.
  21. I am happy doing some German grammar exercises.
  22. I love the German language.
  23. Learning German doesn’t scare me any more.
  24. I am ready to have a conversation in German.
  25. I am a German speaker!

Can you add to my list? Which positive affirmations do you use?

I have chosen 18 of those sentences and made them into affirmation cards. You can download them from here: Affirmation cards for German learners

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