50 German sentences with 'schon'

Let’s talk about the lovely German word schon, the one without the umlaut. With an umlaut it turns into ‘schön’, and that’s beautiful, pretty.

Without the umlaut it means ‘already’, well, in a lot of sentences, like these:

As you’ve seen, we may not always use ‘already’ in the English sentences, but we could.

But ‘schon’ can also be used as a filler word – those lovely words that, technically speaking, aren’t necessary in a sentence or phrase but we use them anyway. They are the words that make a language interesting, not just in German!

Have a look at all these:

Want some more? Okay, here a more sentences with schon:

So, next time somebody uses the word ‘schon’, you can say “Kenn’ ich schon!” (Been there, done that) And when ‘du-weißt-schon-wer’  (you-know-who) starts crying  you can say “Ist schon gut” (there, there). Of course, their crying might annoy you, so you can say “Nicht das schon wieder!” (Not that again!). But they might reply “Na, wenn schon!” (So what?).

So, go for it, use as many ‘schon’ sentences you can: Wenn schon, denn schon (If you’re going to do something, then do it. Let’s go the whole hog).

Und schon haben wir’s!  And Bob’s your uncle! ☺

Now it’s your turn, what is the meaning of ‘schon’ in these two songs I found on YouTube?



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