24 Reasons for Learning German – We Love Germany

Advent Calendar Day 23

Today’s post comes from Michael and Gisela. Thanks, you two!


My wife (Gisela) and I have been learning German for nearly three years now with Angelika.  We started to learn German with Angelika because we wanted to learn the language with a native German. Gisela and I met and married in Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, while she was teaching in a British Army school in Dortmund and I had been posted there with the Royal Artillery Mounted Band.  Gisela’s mother was from Hamburg but never spoke to the family in German. Gisela did pick up an understanding of German from her mother though, where I didn’t put languages high on the list of subjects at school.

While in Dortmund we found it hard to learn German for two main reasons – we worked in an English environment and although living amongst Germans they all spoke far better English than we did German.

We find different things hard about the German language. I find Der, Die und Das difficult and ein, einen und einem.  Gisela finds the verbs much easier to master than the seeming multitude of prepositions!

We have been a few times to the Christmas market in Dortmund since learning German with Angelika and have been able to communicate much better with the Germans with a lot more understanding as well.  One of our daughters was taken ill in Dortmund, and was taken to hospital by the emergency services.  Gisela, who accompanied her, was very grateful for all the German lessons, as the hospital staff could not (or would not) speak English.  Oh the wonderful feeling when you can ask a question in German and not only is it understood, but you can also understand the reply!

We love Germany and have a lot of fond memories from our time there.  We are now going to enjoy Germany more by being able to communicate better with the people.


My name is Michael Leat BA Hons. PGCE, CTABRSM. and I have been playing/teaching Saxophone/Clarinet/Flute since 1978. I was in the Army as a musician for 9½ years before becoming a music teacher in civvy street.  I teach privately and for Wiltshire Music Service.  Lessons are tailored to what you aspire to be or want to do.  More information can be found on www.boawoodwind.co.uk or ring 07814632347, I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter under BoAWoodwind.  REMEMBER – IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO LEARN.



   Ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und alles Gute zum neuen Jahr 2013!

1 thought on “24 Reasons for Learning German – We Love Germany”

  1. How funny that you used to live in Dortmund the same time I did. I even saw the Royal Artillery Mounted Band in action. Now, many years later I teach you German in England – small world!

    I’m so glad your German knowledge came in useful when your daughter was in hospital, and I’m even more glad that you love Germany. 

    I do, too 😉


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