24 Reasons for Learning German – German Sounds Beautiful

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Today’s post has been written by Egle. Thank you, Egle!

Why I am learning German?!

I am a 23 year old part – time student/employee. I am living in England for almost 3 years now and I like it! This is probably the most multi – cultural country in Europe and that is why it is so fascinating and interesting to live here. Myself I am from Lithuania. When I came to England I knew the language very well and still sometimes I could not get what some people are trying to say to me! Learning languages is amazing and I know quite a few.

I fell in love with German language first time I heard it. It was in 2002 when I had a chance to learn it at school. It was not my choice to study German, my parents have lots of friends in Germany so they thought it would be useful for me and my sister to learn the language. So I started and it was fun and easy, enjoyed every lesson. Then after a year I had a possibility to use my skills to talk German when I first went to Germany. That was the best holiday of all times! As we lived in Lithuania, we travelled across to Germany by car. It took at least 20 hours to drive there and it fascinated me with it’s beautiful countryside, tidiness and it’s character.

So for four years I studied German language and the reason I started again is that I want to remember everything I learned ages ago 🙂 and be totally fluent. I could always communicate well with my friends speaking either German or English so it wasn’t a problem. And personally I think this language sounds beautiful. I can speak not only English, German, Lithuanian but also Russian and got to learn Latin language, I have to say that every single one of them sounds amazing and is special with it’s own grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. If we would try to describe it in words it would be very difficult.

There are few things I love about Germany. I absolutely adore German breakfast! I also love coffee time in the afternoon when whole family sits at the table with a nice cake – obviously more common on the weekends! And the best bit is that all shops are closed on Sunday and I think it is perfect as everyone has a day to rest which is so important! So as it happens I get to visit Germany quite often. It is not only because I have friends there, but because my older sister lives there with her German husband and 2 beautiful kids. And every time I am there I try and speak German all the time as it is the way to know the language best!

Egle Adele

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