Learn German vocabulary by topic: eine Dachreparatur – a roof repair

Let’s learn some German vocabulary based on a topic. And this month’s topic is a roof repair.
You’ll get the vocab plus three different ways to practise/ remember the words: with an infographic, slides and a video.

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  • das Gerüst/ Baugerüst – scaffolding
  • die Leiter – ladder
  • Die alten Dachziegeln kommen runter. – The old roof tiles come down.
  • Der Hammer – hammer
  • kaputte Dachziegeln – broken tiles
  • die Dachbahnen – roof sheeting
  • Die guten und neuen Dachziegeln – the good and new tiles
  • der Container – skip
  • der Zementmixer/ Betonmixer – cement mixer
  • der Schornstein – chimney
  • to have a roof over one’s head – ein Dach über den Kopf haben

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There you are, you’ll never know when you might need any of these words. 

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