Improve your German reading with Amira

Improve your German with Amira

Are you looking for more German things to read? Something nice and easy? Something challenging? Something you can read together with your child(ren)?

I may have found an interesting website for you: Amira

It was created as a reading aid for German primary school children and has stories at three different levels which you can read yourself or listen to while you read.

Level 1 is very basic. To access them, click on ‘lesen 1’ which shows you all the easy books. I show you some screenshots of ‘Mein Haus’ which was the easiest of them all.

amira1aAs you can see on the left, the book is available in German and other languages, very useful if you’d like to check whether you understood everything. It is also available as a picture book (Bilderbuch) if you just want to look at the pictures with your child or if you want to challenge yourself and re-tell the story in your own words – in German, of course!


Level two is a bit more advanced. I’ve taken two screenshots from the book ‘Die Wichtelmänner‘, one in German and then the same page again in English.


amira2aThe next picture is taken from ‘E-Mail oder Flaschenpost‘, a level three book. As with all the other books, you can read it, listen to it and also read it in English.



In addition to the books there are also some games to play (spielen) and some audio books to listen to (hören).

amira4Here’s the link again to the website:

What do you think of the stories?




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  1. It seems to be a very good resource for both complete beginners and pre-intermediate students. I’ll definitely be giving it a try 🙂


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