YouTube Playlists

You’ve probably spent many hours on YouTube and might have even seen some of my videos. And if you have already subscribed to my YouTube channel, thank you.  But if you haven’t or generally don’t subscribe to YouTube channels, have a look here on this page which playlists I have made.

Online courses sample lessons This playlist has sample lessons from my online courses, a great way to see some of the lessons before buying a course.

If animals could speak German a little bit of fun. What might animals say if they could speak German

Angelika answers questions ‘Rob’ asks questions via text message and Angelika answers them

Ask Angelika my fortnightly video show together with Steven Healey. Each episode covers a different topic.

Ask Angelika Season 2

Ask Angelika Season 3

Ask Angelika Season 4

Der Struwwelpeter – the whole book read by me.

Max & Moritz – all 7 stories read by me

Blog post teasers – little videos to entice you to read the whole post ☺

Videos for German listening and reading

My dad’s old German black and white movies, updated for German learners

German idioms

German singing at Christmas – I try to record at least one song from our annual German Carol singing evening.

Learn German vocabulary by topics

And Rammlied live – the UK No1 Rammstein Tribute Band 
As a German teacher and the mother of one of Rammlied’s guitarists I “have to” record one of their songs when I get the chance to see them play.

The following playlists are made with videos of others to help your German learning:

Songs for learning the German cases, prepositions & adjective endings

Practise your German with Peppa Wutz

Learn German with Sesamstraße

Have fun learning German with stories from Janosch

 German Alphabet Songs to help reinforce the German alphabet (without having to listen to my voice all the time ☺)

Augsburger Puppenkiste – practise your German with wonderful marionettes!

Of course, you are still very welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel. That way you’ll get notification when I upload any new videos!



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