Word Up – a great way to practise some German

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About two months ago I told you about the new app from FlashSticks and only a short while later they’ve come up with something else – a free smartphone app (Android and iPhone) called Word Up

When they told me about it they warned me “ Krujë Word Up challenges your brain to recall and spell thousands of new words. It’s highly addictive too!

As you know I love trying out free things, so I downloaded the app, tried it and loved it!


I tried to take screenshots but they only worked BEFORE I clicked on the letters. But the idea is simple. On this picture you see that  first of all  you need to know the German word for sugar and then find it in the grid. All letters need to connect. If you clicked on connecting letters in a right order (like I tried to show you with my drawing) the word Zucker would then appear at the bottom.


There are three levels to chose and each has lots of word games to play – a great way to spend a few minutes getting those brain cells working and picking up some German as well. And you don’t need internet for it!

Newbie: Perfect for those who don’t know any or know very little German
Handy: Ideal if you already know quite a few words, but want to practice them and learn more
Guru: Try this level if you already have a strong German vocabulary, but want to improve it further

One bit of warning: at Guru level I came across a word which has several German possibilities to translate and I could not work out which one was needed. In the end I looked it up in the dictionary and found the correct one for the game straight away. This might happen to you at any level. So if you need to look things up in the dictionary, don’t see it as  failure, see it as an extra bit of practice!

I’ll leave you with their video (which unfortunately shows the French game) to see how it works while I’m back to my phone finding more words ☺

7 thoughts on “Word Up – a great way to practise some German

  1. I’m not a ‘games person’ but I downloaded the app onto my older Smart Phone (a Galaxy Note). It runs but it is slow and it won’t let itself be turned off, you have to restart the phone so if you aren’t rocking the latest model cellphone forget it. Don’t bother. I found the whole game (ie tracing the words) intensely irritating , being used to just swiping or one finger typing.
    I went through the first 3 Guru levels probably almost as fast as you did Angie, until I hit the ‘translate the word :”Bar”…that threw me, of course they meant a musical bar (der Takt) not a drinking bar (die Bar).
    OK for kids who like that kind of thing I suppose. I would suggest the makers go back over their code so it will work properly on older phones. I would also suggest they use different colours for the different genders of nouns (every little helps I find).
    *now please excuse me, I need to go that app from my phone before it causes it to crash again*

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve passed your comment on to FlashSticks, but thanks for the warning about older phones.
      As for the idea itself, I’m not really a games person either but this one I do like. I guess it’s trial and error to see if we like something. Luckily there are so many different ways to practise German, there is something for everyone. We just have to find it – which unfortunately is often the hardest bit. Sorry this one didn’t work for you!

      1. I hear what you say about ‘something for everyone’, twice recently I have stumbled across things in youtube video German tutorials which have helped me personally a great deal…if only i’d been told them 20 years ago. The thing is, the videos (or one of them anyways) starts off appallingly with an unbelievable mistake:
        But the rest of the video has really helped me progress. So yes it is always good to try everything once/give it a go.

        Nothing for you to be sorry for, i’m sure for some people the app will be just what they need.

    2. Hi there,

      It’s Isobel here from FlashSticks & FlashAcademy (developers of WordUp!). Thanks for sharing your feedback on the app, it’s much appreciated as it really helps us to keep improving! Unfortunately as the device you mentioned is a little older, WordUp! isn’t fully optimised to run as well as it would on a device with a newer Operating System. Do you have a tablet or any other device you could try?

      I have passed this on to the development team who are going to explore optimising WordUp! for other devices/OS’.

      For the app not turning itself of, this does happen when using the back button to get out; however our developers have said they will explore this too!

      If you weren’t already aware we also have our FlashAcademy app (which Angelika also reviewed) with a complete German course, including a larger variety of word games – you may be interested in trying this out as it will likely perform better with your device than WordUp! will.

      If there is anything else I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email on [email protected] 🙂

      Isobel 🙂

      1. Hi Isobel, thank you for taking the time to reply. However I won’t be trying the app on another device. No fault of the app itself but simply because it is exactly the sort of ‘game’ I loath. As I said before, I’m others will enjoy it and find it useful.
        One thing though if I may, and if you are a German then I apologise if this sounds a bit of a cheek coming from a non native speaker: I really question why an app that concentrates on the spelling of German words? It is quite difficult to misspell 99% of German words as they are always written as pronounced . The only spelling difficulties tend to be things like the umlauts or the ‘sz’. Once a learner has learnt the phonetics of the German abc then spelling is pretty straight forward.
        what isn’t easy and would be a boon to every single learner of German would be an app that taught the gender of nouns and the adjective endings. There isn’t a student of German who hasn’t been reduced to tears by German grammar…ask Mark Twain! in fact I would contend that knowing the gender of a noun is far more important than spelling it correctly. If you know the gender then you can usually get around spelling it by saying ‘it’ or ‘that’ etc
        Perhaps you already offer such an app, and if so I apologise for writing this comment before having had chance to look at your entire course. Rest assured I will at the first opportunity & I wish you and FA all the best.

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