Where can I watch German news?

You’ve been learning German for a few years and you feel ready to watch the news in German.

Where do you start?

If you feel your German isn’t good enough to watch the news as they are shown on German TV, then try the news for Children.

ZDF has daily news programmes lasting 10 minutes and are aimed at German children.

Neun einhalb are weekly news for  children. If you click on “zur Sendung” you’ll get taken to the latest video, which lasts nine and a half minutes, hence the title.

Kinder WDRhas news to listen and read.

Klaro – Nachrichten für Kinder has weekly news spoken by German children for you to listen to.

If you don’t want to listen or watch German news aimed at German children – even if they are not easy – try these:

Deutsche Welle  has daily news (except Sundays)   for you to listen to slowly and also to read at the same time.

Euronews has news to watch and read as well.

Or watch ‘proper’ news as they are watched by Germans:

Tageschau.de  and NDR.de both have quick videos lasting 100  seconds and ZDF.de has videos with text as well.

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Have you watched any of these? Which one of these is your favourite channel? Or have I missed a good channel?



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