When is the Oktoberfest in Munich?

When is the Oktoberfest in Munich?

Edited 16 September 2023, the start of the 2023 Oktoberfest!

That’s the old trick question, isn’t it? Trying to get you to say: ‘In October, of course’ and then replying gleefully, ‘No, it isn’t. It’s in September!’ Well, it is in October, at least it finishes in October, but it always starts in September, and this year, 2011, it starts tomorrow, the 17th September.

  • Fancy going, but wouldn’t know where to start once you’re in Munich?
  • Don’t fancy going, but wouldn’t mind finding out more about it?
  • Not bothered either way, but a little bit of practising one’s German wouldn’t be a bad idea?

Then check out the Oktoberfest official website, there you’ll find everything you need or want to know (plus a few things you don’t really need).
You can find out that a beer costs anything between €12.60 and €14.90 (2023 prices) and when the the opening hours are.
For three out of four years you can also experience how the Octoberfest was originally, if you go to the Oide Wiesn 

You can also read about the history of the Oktoberfest (and the first one did indeed start in October, the 17th October 1810). And there information about where to stay and how to get there, and if you rather watch it from afar you can check out the webcams.

All this will improve your German immensely, but if you don’t understand enough German, there is the option to read everything in English by changing the DE into EN in the top right corner 😉

Has this tempted you to go?
Have you been before? Did you like it?
Would you like to go?

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