What’s the difference between skydiving and learning German?

They are actually quite the same!

EDIT 2017: Sadly, the video has disappeared from YouTube, but the comparison still stands!

If you watch the video below of my daughter skydiving, you’ll see her very scared but also excited at the start. Then you’ll see her worried about jumping into the unknown and then the sheer excitement about the view and her knowledge about what she can do. And all that knowing that the teacher is there to guide her. Finally you’ll hear her say:” This is amazing … the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Learning German is no different: Once you’ve decided you want to learn German you get scared before the first lesson. You may think ‘What if I’m no good at it?’ You are worried about jumping into the unknown ‘What have I let myself in for?’

Then, once you have started, you’ll get the excitement of being able to say and understand things in German, all in the knowledge that your tutor is there to guide you. And finally you will be able to say:” This is amazing … the best thing I’ve ever done!!!”

You don’t agree with me? Well, maybe learning German isn’t quite as exhilarating as skydiving. I just wanted an excuse to show off my daughter, whom I am very proud of 😉

On the other hand – why don’t you try and find out whether I could possibly be right!

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