Weltkindertag – World Children’s Day

Weltkindertag - World Children's Day

Did you know it is World Children’s Day in Germany today?

No, I didn’t either. It was mentioned on a calendar today and I googled a bit. The first Children’s Day happened on the 14th December 1954. There is an Universal Children’s Day on the 20th November but lots of countries have their own dates.

Germany has two dates, the International Children’s Day (Internationaler Kindertag) on the 1st June, which until 1990 was the East German version of the children’s day. Then there is the World Children’s Day (Weltkindertag) on the 20th September, which used to be the West German version. Now they both exist in Germany.

Lots of towns in Germany take part with a variety of activities (which for convenience seem to happen on several days, some have happened already). Have a look on the Weltkindertag website  (also good for practising your German reading  ;-))

The motto this year is ‘Kinder haben was zu sagen!’ – ‘Children have something to say!’
I totally agree! Do you?

Edited 20/09/2012: This year’s motto is ‘Kinder brauchen Zeit’ – ‘Children need time!’
Edited 20/09/2018: This year’s motto is ‘Kinder brauchen Freiräume’ – Children need freedom to develop! (Freiräume literally translated means open spaces, but here it means more than just that.)
Edited 20/09/2019: This year’s motto is ‘Wir Kinder haben Rechte!’ – ‘We children have rights!’
Edited 20/09/2020: This year’s motto is ‘Kinderrechte schaffen Zukunft!’ – ‘Children’s rights create the future!’
Edited 20/09/2021: This year’s motto is ‘Kinderechte jetzt!’ – ‘Children’s rights now!’
Edited 20/09/2022: This year’s motto is ‘Gemeinsam für Kinderrechte!’ – ‘Together for children’s rights!’
Edited 20/09/2023: This year’s motto is ‘Jedes Kind braucht eine Zukunft’ – ‘Every child needs a future’

I still agree! Do you?

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