Was ist dein Lieblingsfach?


Those who have learnt German at an English secondary school may remember the BBC programme ‘Hallo aus Berlin’ – short videos from 1996 with some children from Berlin and, of course, the songs by Rita and Rolli.

Who still remembers Rita and Rolli?

When I taught at a secondary school we sometimes watched the videos and most students thought the songs were awful, but actually, they were that awful, they were catchy again and I had been asked frequently to play them again.

Today I came across them on Youtube, so here is the favourite song of them all:

So, what is/ was your favourite school subject?
Was ist/ war dein Lieblingsfach?

4 thoughts on “Was ist dein Lieblingsfach?”

    • Great answer, although Lieblingsfach just means one. If you can’t make a decision which one of those is your favourite, you’ll need to say ‘Meine Leiblingsfächer sind Musik, Englisch und Geschichte!’


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