Use your Kindle to improve your German

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you.

This is not a free resource but if you have a Kindle you might be interested in this book. It’s an interactive adventure book in German with some English help.

According to amazon

This book contains:

– an epic tale in a fantasy kingdom
– an interactive storyline
– optimized language for learners
– quizzes and grammar questions
– hand-drawn illustrations
– social sharing features

Genowrin is aimed at intermediate and advanced German learners, but it can also serve as an exciting way for beginners to get a feeling for the flow of narrative German.”

You start reading the book at the beginning but soon you have to make choices and the story continues depending to the link you’ve clicked.

Sometimes you have to fight battles, which means you have to answer questions. Again, the story continues according to your choice.

Learning German Through Storytelling: Genowrin – An Interactive Adventure For German Learners

It’s a great idea to practise your German if you like adventure stories, just bear in mind that some of the language is old fashioned as the story happens in medieval times . For more up-to-date language check out the authors other books, as he’s also written detective stories. I haven’t bought any of the other books but one of my students has and she quite liked those, too.

Have you used your Kindle to improve your German? How successful was it?

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