Translation Advice


So you think you don’t need a translator!

There are enough translating websites and they do a good job! Yes?

Translating websites are good if you need a gist idea about a foreign text, but as they translate word for word, they often have the wrong word order and/or words.

Try this sentence:

Surveys of small to medium-sized businesses show that nearly half have experienced linguistic or cultural barriers and one in five has lost business as a result.

Translate it with a translating website into German and you get:

Übersichten von kleinem zu mittelgroßen Geschäften zeigen, dass fast beinahe die linguistischen oder kulturellen Sperren erfahren haben und eine in fünf Geschaeft infolgedessen verloren hat.

This, in effect means:

Overviews from small to medium sized business show the fact that nearly almost the linguistic or cultural barriers experienced and one in five business consequently lost.


Well, your potential customer would be!

So if you need a website, letter or even an email translated get in touch with Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation

If, in the meantime, you just need to know one word, try this widget:

“Learning German with a smile …”

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