My top 5 English versions of German hits

The other day we had a discussion in a lesson about German music and German hits, which gave me the idea to look for German songs that also were hits in English.

And here they are, in reversed order!

No 5: Nicole, Ein bisschen Frieden

and in English:

No 4: Nena. 99 Luftballons (This video keeps on disappearing)
NENA | 99 Luftballons
and in English:

No 3: Rammstein, Du hast

and in English:

No 2 is Kraftwerk: Das Modell

and in English:

And no 1 is the silly, catchy tune from Trio, da da da

and in English:

What do you think of this selection? Did I miss any?

Next week I tell you about my favourite German cover version of English hits. Stay tuned  😉

2 Responses to My top 5 English versions of German hits

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