Top 10 German SMS Abbreviations resembling English words

Top 10 German SMS Abbreviations resembling English words
I came across a German text message abbreviation the other day  that looked like an English word, so I searched the net and found a few, which either  looked like an English word or like an English abbreviation.

Here are 10 of them:

  1.  BSE – bin so einsam – am so lonely
  2.  DAD – denke an dich – thinking of you
  3.  FANTA – fahre noch Tanken – just getting petrol
  4.  ISDN – ich sehe deine Nummer – I see your number
  5.  JON – jetzt oder nie – now or never
  6.  MAD – mag dich – like you
  7.  NEWS – noch ein wenig sauer – still a bit angry
  8.  SMILE – So möchte ich leben – That’s how I want to live
  9.  SMS – schreib mir schnell – write quickly

and my favourite: POKEMON – Pommes ohne Ketchup mag ohnehin niemand – nobody likes chips without ketchup anyway!

Can anybody add to this list?

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