Time for tea in Germany

Time for tea in Germany

Imagine you’re in Germany on holiday or for work and you’ve enjoyed some lovely cups of German coffee but now you fancy a cup of tea. So off you go to the supermarket ….. and find a whole shelf with different types of teas. Which one should you buy?

There are so many to choose from, but what are they all? Most of them luckily have appropriate images on the packaging which makes it a bit easier to spot your favourite.
When I was in Germany last I took some photos of teas in a supermarket, 14 to be precise. With a bit of luck, your favourite tea is one of them.
If not, check out the websites I mention below where you will find lots more!

  • Grüner Tee – green tea
  • Bünting Tee Grüngold – black tea.  Don’t let the ‘Grüngold’ confuse you. It’s not green tea, it’s the brand name of Bünting’s black tea.
  • Wohltuender Salbei. This sage tea is beneficial, pleasant, soothing.
  • Kamille angenehm-sanft. This camomile tea apparently is pleasantly mild.
  • Rooibos pur. Rooibos is the original name of Redbush and this Redbush tea is pure. Other packs use the German word for Redbush tea which is Rotbuschtee.
  • Pfefferminze intensiv-frisch. This peppermint tea is intensive and fresh.
  • Entspannung Hopfen-Melisse. Hops & Melissa for relaxation.
  • Melisse aromatisch und erfrischend. Or have a tea with only melissa, which, according to the pack, is aromatic and refreshing.
  • Anregender Ingwer. This is a stimulating ginger tea.
  • Energie Ingwer-Holunderblüte. This ginger & elderflower tea gives you energy.
  • Brennnessel-Mango is a nettle & mango tea.
  • Fenchel süß-harmonisch is a sweet-harmonious fennel tea.
  • Holunder-Kirsche is a tea with elderberry & cherries.
  • Fruchtiger Apfel is a fruity apple tea.

Teekanne (teapot, appropriate name for a tea company!) is a company who make various teas, many more than I took photos of. If you head over to Teekanne.de you can have a look at them all, as well as getting tips (in German) about making tea and lots of other interesting things.

Bünting also has an interesting website, as does Meßmer.

The German Tea AsssociationDeutscher Teeverband also has an interesting website where you can practise your German by reading about tea. You can even read some of it in English

I only like black or green tea, but what about you? What’s your favorite tea?

“Mein Lieblingstee ist ….”


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