The towels have landed in the library!!!

Luckily not literally!

You’ve heard these holiday stories: holiday makers go to the beach and find all good places have been taken by the Germans who got up early and put towels on favourite spaces in order to claim them ūüėČ

This habit has moved to university libraries. Students arrive early and leave their books on tables in order to claim them. They then disappear to lectures to return later. This hasn’t been much of a problem so far but recently it has¬†turned into¬†a problem as more and more students cannot use the library to do their work.


Parking discs!

The University of M√ľnster (after seeing the discs at another university) has purchased discs similar to car parking discs.
Students can now use tables in the library and go for a coffee or lunch break, as long as they mark it on the disc. If they stay away longer than the given time, another student can remove their books and use the table.

So far, it has been a success and there have been less complaints.

I wonder, if this could happen in England!

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