The seasons of language learning

Learning a language is like going through the four seasons.


As a beginner you are excited about the new things you are learning. And just like new buds are emerging in spring you are learning little new words and sentences.


Over time your little sentences turn into whole paragraphs. And just like the flowers grow en masse in summer so does your confidence.


But like the weather in autumn, it’s not always pretty and cheerful. There will be times when things don’t go to plan and it’s getting you down.


And there will be times when things feel REALLY difficult and you feel like you’re never getting to grips with whatever is challenging you (for example the grammar, or speaking or listening). And just like we feel in winter – especially towards the end of it, when we are longing for better weather – and we’ve had enough of this language learning …..

Spring will be round the corner again.

And we are finally excited again about these new things we are mastering – the pretty new language flowers that spring is bringing.

So, next time you feel disheartened about a language learning obstacle, or you are fed up with a season and long for different weather, remember the next season is just round the corner. It’s only a matter of time.

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