The lost chord - German for guitar players

Are you a German learner who also plays the guitar? Then you might like to know what some of the guitar parts are called in German! You never know, you might buy one in Germany, and even if you don’t, if a German talks about the Tonabnehmer, you now know what they mean!


If you are in Germany and need to buy new strings because some broke, you need to be aware that one of them is called differently. From the thickest to the thinnest, they are

As a guitar player, you’ll notice straight away, that the string we call ‘B’ is called ‘H’ in German.

That means, if you decide to buy a German guitar book, you will also see some changes in the chords:

And if you’d like to attend a German guitar lesson, I found a beginners’ lesson on YouTube from Peter Bursch, whose guitar book I bought in the 70s – nice to see he’s still teaching!

I still have his book. Noticed the ‘mit Platte’ ? Mine came with a record, which sadly has long gone. 2015-11-14 18.21.08

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