The Great Deutsche Word Search

The Great Deutsche Word Search

UPDATE 2019: After a long wait, One Third Stories finally offer more German books, but only on subscription. To find out more, click here

Back to the original post:

Last October I told you about my visit to the Language Show, where I met the team from  One Third Stories  and how excited I was about their forthcoming books, especially the German version.

And now I can finally show it to you! The Great Deutsche Word Search, a story that starts in English and ends in German!


The book is particularly interesting for parents who would like their children to learn a little German, even if they don’t speak any (or very little) German. Aimed at children between 4 and 9, the book starts in English and gradually introduces German words.


As the story continues, more German words are introduced … until there are only German words on the final page. You can read more about their clockwork methodology here.

The book comes together with a link to the audiobook which enables the child to listen to the story while it is looking at the pictures – particularly useful if the parents  don’t feel confident enough reading the German bits. The audio also has nice background noises – those that a parent can’t make when reading the story.

If you check out their store, you’ll see two packages, the book with audio or the book with audio, fact file, flashcards and activity book. The 32 flashcards and the activity book will help to reinforce some of the new German words (although the activity book has the French, Italian and Spanish activities as well as the German pages).

At the moment they only have the one German book. They are working on more French and Spanish books, so I hope that eventually they will have more German books, too.

I think, the idea of starting a book in English and ending in a foreign language is a brilliant idea. I read it to my group of primary school children that I teach once a week and they loved it, too.

But there is also one final reason why I love this book. You’ll see it in the next picture ☺


Edit 2018: Even nicer to see my words on Dragon’s Den ☺

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