The Good, the (not) Bad, and the Ugly German words – Part 3

The Good, the (not) Bad, and the Ugly German words - Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 we looked at some of those lovely German words which are identical or almost identical to English words. Now, in part 3 we will look at those words which look identical but have a different meaning – our ‘false friends’.

False friends alphabet:

die Art




der Chef


die Dose

tin, can



die Fabrik


das Gift


das Handy

mobile phone


to confuse

die Jalousien 

Venetian blinds

die Konkurrenz

(business) competition

die List


der Mist

dung, manure

die Notiz




die Pension

guest house

die Quote


die Rate


der Smoking

dinner jacket

der Unternehmer

entrepeneur (not an undertaker)


in front of/ before (not for)

der Wall


das Zimmer

room (not a Zimmer frame)

You can see, it could be embarassing if you used the wrong word. I remember a student telling me many years ago that he went to stay with a German family. When he arrived he gave them a little present and said “Hier ist ein Gift für Sie!” At the time he could not understand why his host looked so worried.

Do you have a favourite ‘false friend’? Did you ever use a wrong word? Please tell us.

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