The German Stammtisch in Devizes

Last night I went to a German Stammtisch. If you don’t know what one of those is, according to Wikipedia “a Stammtisch  (“regular table”) is a scheduled informal meeting group at a specially  reserved tablein a beer hall or other establishment in German-speaking Europe, which can be held on a weekly or monthly basis.The table usually has a polished sheen from frequent use, and is frequently marked off with a sign, banner, or ashtray.”

A while ago a German friend started a facebook group Deutsche in Wiltshire  and then a Stammtisch.
The first few meeting saw only very few people but yesterday at the Bear Hotel in Devizes we had 15 people.

So, what was it like?

It was a fantastic evening. 12 Germans, 2 English and 1 Hungarian sat around a table and had a great time speaking German.
We’d love for even more to come next time, so if you are German and live in Wiltshire or if you can speak German, come and join us next time. Email me or the Deutsche in Wiltshire facebook group and we will keep you informed.

I don’t think we will ever have a sign or banner to mark the table, but you never know, it may get a polished sheen one day 😉

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