The Benefits Of Online Education

The Benefits Of Online Education

Today’s blog post comes again via eLerning Infographics courtesy of tgcampus.

As an online instructor and also student I know the benefits of online learning. As a self employed German tutor I don’t work regular 9 – 5 hours which makes it very difficult to attend weekly classes at our local college. So online learning has been fantastic for me. From keeping up with my Dutch to course creating and video making and lots of other things in between – I have learned a lot in the last few years!

Have a look what the infographic says and then scroll down to find out how it can benefit your German learning. 

The Benefits Of Online Education

So, how could this benefit your German learning?

  1. Understands user needs
    Just like I cannot attend weekly lessons, you might have the same problem. Buying my online courses gives you access to my teaching any time of the day, whether I am around or not. You also don’t have to spend an hour or two each time you learn. Some videos are so short you can fit them in even when you don’t have much time.
    But, unlike ‘teach yourself’ books, you still have access to the instructor. So, no matter where you live, you can ask a question, even if I’m asleep or teaching. I can then answer your question even if you’re busy. If there are topics that interest, you can try learning them on online courses.
  2. Range of courses
    When I teach face to face I often find that textbooks don’t explain grammar in great detail and I always have to add more to it. Thinking of people who teach themselves and who don’t have a teacher next to them who supplies extra explanations, I thought of making grammar courses for just one topic each time and I now have 13 online German courses, mostly about grammar.
  3. Inculcates self discipline
    Learning online at your own pace makes you more organised. You paid for the course, you want to learn German, you might as well put some effort into it and get organised. As a student it took me a while but I now have regular slots in my diary for online learning.
  4. Learning and development for corporates
    Before I started creating online courses I taught a group of business clients where we never managed to get all the students together for a lesson. Every week there were 2 or more away on business, and after only a short while the lessons stopped.  Online learning would have given them the flexibility to learn German even when away on business.
  5. Cost effective
    The best reason for online learning! My online courses are cheaper than face-to-face lessons.
    And if you need any additional help not course related, you can always book one-off lessons – no need to pay for X amount of lessons in advance. A combination of online learning with the odd lesson here and there can cover all your German learning needs and is a lot cheaper than paying for 30 weeks at your local college (especially, if you have to miss many lessons)

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