Teach Yourself German … with a little help!

Teach yourself German ... with a little help!

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve decided you want to learn German and then you can’t find a group to join and you can’t afford one-to-one lessons. So you think “I can do this by myself!” You go and buy a text book and look at it twice: once when you’ve bought it ………… and the second time when you put it in the attic/ take it to the charity shop, etc…

It is very hard to teach yourself. The intentions are good but then work, hobbies, family, basically ‘life’ gets in the way and as there is nobody to work with you, you stop.

I may have a solution for you:
If you really can’t find  a group and you can’t afford weekly individual lessons but have a tiny bit of discipline, then do teach yourself German with help from me!

For a monthly fee of 40 British Pounds (2024)  you can have a one hour online German lesson with me. Then you get weekly email nudges prompting you to get the book out again and do some studying 😉 and giving you the chance to ask any questions or mention any problems you may have encountered. Small queries I will answer by email and larger problems will be addressed in the next lesson.

So, if you want to learn German (or improve it – it doesn’t matter how much you already know) and joining a group or have weekly lessons on your own isn’t an option, have a think whether this may work for you. If it does, I look forward to hearing from you!

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