Teach your child German with this smartphone app

Teach your child German with this smartphone app

Do you have small children who would benefit from learning some basic German? Would you like to learn some German together with your child?

If you have an smartphone you may want to check out ‘Lernkarten – Lernspiele für Kinder, Deutsch’ (Although I bought it for my Android phone, the link doesn’t work anymore. My app still works but it seems they have taken it off Google Play) (iPhone link). It’s a lovely app with easy (well, most of them 😉 ) words to learn.

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If you want to use all topics you will need to pay 3.99 Euro, which worked out to £2.51 when I bought it. Not bad for hours of fun and learning German.

2015-03-21 10.44.25

But don’t take my word for it, check out this video and then try out the free games before you decide to buy:

Oh, and don’t think all the topics are easy! I failed miserably when I tried the makes of cars topic 😉

I think these flashcards could be fun for adults, too. Maybe not for hours but for a few minutes in between doing other things, they might be another fun way to practise some German. What do you think?

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