A short introduction to the usage of the comma in German

Have you ever asked yourself the following question?“When do I need to use a comma in German?” You might not because you think it’s the same as in English. And you wouldn’t be completely wrong. The comma in German is often used the same as in English … but not always. The following video is … Read more

The Benefits Of Online Education

Today’s blog post comes again via eLerning Infographics courtesy of tgcampus. As an online instructor and also student I know the benefits of online learning. As a self employed German tutor I don’t work regular 9 – 5 hours which makes it very difficult to attend weekly classes at our local college. So online learning … Read more

7 benefits of mobile learning – an infographic

Regular readers will know that I sometimes re-post infographics from eLearning Infographics when I come across some which are useful to German learners. Today’s infographic is aimed at those, who have heard about mobile learning but haven’t thought whether it might be useful to them. “Mobile learning has brought learning to people so effectively that they have … Read more

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