Deutsch am Donnerstag – Schnee

Don’t you just love snow in winter? Well, maybe not when you have to drive to work… I certainly only like it when on holidays! But I do like German snow words. der Schnee – snow der Schneemann – snow man der Schneebesen – whisk (obviously nothing to do with real snow, but think what … Read more

Deutsch am Donnerstag – der Hahn

You may be a bit surprised to find a picture of a tap (or as you Americans say, faucet) amongst the pictures of cockerels or roosters.  That’s because the translation for cockerel is ‘der Hahn’ and the translation for tap is ‘der Wasserhahn’ but most time we just say ‘Hahn’ because it is obvious we’re … Read more

Learn German with Children’s TV Programmes

How is your German learning coming along? Good?! I’m glad to hear it! You are having your lessons, you’re enjoying them and would like some extra work, just not boring homework. I don’t blame you, homework is not always the most interesting thing to do (although sometimes it is). So, how about some German children’s … Read more

How cookie monster can help with German grammar

So, you’ve started learning German and it’s going well. You even understand that there are three words for ‘the’, der, die and das. No problem you think, and you have learnt that the German word for cookie is ‘der Keks’. And then you find this video on youtube and you hear ‘Ich esse den Keks’. … Read more

Learn German with Sesamstraße

1972 a new TV programme started in Germany. It was Sesame Street. Although I was way too old for children’s TV (no comments, please ;-)) I loved watching Sesame Street because it was shown in its original language and allowed me to improve my English. A German version of Sesame Street – Sesamstraße – followed soon, … Read more

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