language learning

Language study habits – an infographic

This infographic arrived in my inbox a few days ago and I found it interesting to see how ...


What type of learner are you? An Infographic

As adult learners we sometimes find it hard to keep up with a group of other learners because ...


A German learner’s story

For today’s blog post I’m pleased to introduce you to one of my newsletter subscribers, Kirsty Major of English ...


How To Learn Any Language In Record Time

This elearning infographic founds its way into my inbox a while ago. Although I don’t necessarily agree with ...


Learn German with your camera

Students sometimes ask me how they can do additional practice when learning new topics or German grammar. One ...


Improve your German with Pinterest

  Pinterest is wonderful for finding resources which can help you learn German. If you already know how ...


How to compare learning German with a visit to Brownsea Island

It was my birthday yesterday and I spent it on Brownsea Island. As I enjoyed my visit and ...


Should I learn German or another language?

Last week I saw the following tweet on twitter, a question I see a lot in various online ...


Gareth’s language learning journey – part 2

Did you read Friday’s blog post  ? It was a guest post by Gareth Evans of FlashSticks and ...


Gareth’s language learning journey – part 1

The next two blog posts are guest posts, written by Gareth Evans, the Marketing guy over at FlashSticks; ...


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