Star Trek for German learners

Are you a Trekki?  Have you ever watched an episode in German?  Here are 10 quotes from ‘Raumschiff Enterprise’. Can you guess  the original quotes? Computerlogbuch der Enterprise. Sternzeit 81316. Captain Kirk. Raumschiff Enterprise auf dem Flug nach … Ich bin kein Zauberer, Spock, sondern nur ein einfacher Landarzt! Beam mich hoch, Scotty! Faszinierend! Volle … Read more

10 famous film quotes in German

You probably know some famous film quotes and maybe even like using them in conversation. But what about those quotes in German? Here are 10 of them.  Do you know the original sentences? “Ich bin Spartacus!” “Ich seh dir in die Augen, Kleines!” “Na los doch, make my day!” “Ich komme wieder” “Guten Morgen … und … Read more

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