November Church Holidays in Germany

November always seems a sad month in Germany. One reason is the weather. Although November days can be absolutely beautiful, especially when the sun is shining and you can see the trees with all their colourful leaves. But often it’s just wet or damp or foggy. Then there are several church/ public holidays, seven, in … Read more

Weihnachten in Deutschland – a reading comprehension for Advent

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - advent

Learn some German Christmas vocabulary and practise your German reading skills with this text. Then try the quiz to see how much you understood. Weihnachten in Deutschland Am 1. Dezember beginnt die Adventszeit. Die Kinder bekommen einen Adventskalender und öffnen vom 1. bis zum 24. Dezember jeden Tag ein Türchen. Vielleicht sehen sie ein schönes … Read more

How to improve your German while getting ready for Christmas

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - christmas

Does your German learning take a back burner during Advent because you’re too busy with other things? Why not learn some German while doing all those tasks? You want to make an Advent calendar? Check out these German sites for ideas: Adventskalender selber machen – mehr als 60 Anleitungen  Adventskalender basteln Adventskalender You want to … Read more

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