Super E10

When you’re driving through Germany and you need to fill up with petrol, you may come across an aditional pump at the petrol station, as it is now possible to get a biofuel with 10 percent ethanol called Super E10. It is not available at every petrol station yet as it will take months to adjust pumps for it, but –

The question is, should you use it?

90% of cars can use it but there are cars which could get engine damage if you use E10. There is a list you can download here about the compatibility of various makes. If you’re thinking of filling up with Super E10 when in Germany next, please check the list before you go … and if you can’t work it out as it’s in German, email me and I’ll check it for you.

Edited on 9th March 2011: there seems to be a lot of confusion going on in Germany about E10 and one of the major magazines ‘Der Stern’ has added more info about which cars can and cannot use it. Here is the link – as before, if you don’t understand it, email me.

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