Stoiber on Drums - a German Speech set to Music


Once upon a time there was a speech, held by the then minister president for Bavaria, Edmund Stoiber. His speech made not a lot of sense to the Germans, which made it famous – sort of. There are many videos on Youtube about it but I found one where somebody made a pretty good attempt of an English translation:

(If – despite the translation – you’d like to know what he said, you can read it here)

So, what’s that got to do with drums?

A German music student, Jonny König, a drummer, (I’m sure, we’ll hear more from him) has used the speech to add it to his drumming.

I think it’s absolutely brilliant! What do you think?

4 Responses to Stoiber on Drums – a German Speech set to Music

  1. That’s brilliant! Did anyone ever find out what Herr Stoiber thought of it???

    • Yes, he gave permission to the video. He said:”Es geht eben nichts über eine gelungene Rede.” which translated means; Nothing beats a successful speech! 
      I wonder if he knew what lovely word play that is in English!

  2. Martin Davey says:

    Brilliant! Although, I have no idea what the hell the speech was about, but I laughed every time he said “zehn Minuten”, 

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